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"Tracey Godfrey and Lost 4 Words have been a key part of our business strategy since we formed Shewell and Penn Consulting in 2005. We needed high quality administrative and secretarial support and we selected Lost for Words to provide this off site rather than employing staff ourselves. The arrangement has worked extremely well and exceeded our expectations in every respect."

 Shewell and Penn Consulting Ltd.


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  • Cost-effective - no annual/sick/maternity leave payments or NI costs associated with hiring an employee (also you do not pay for tea or lunch breaks).

  • Outsourcing time-consuming administrative tasks to us allows you to concentrate on core activities or expanding your business.

  • Personal and friendly service – we get to know you and your business instead of you using a different temp each time you need help.

  • We can save you the time, paperwork and expense of establishing, equipping and running of an office.

  • Flexibility - you only pay for the services provided or hours worked – as and when you need them.

  • Can be declared as a business expense, therefore tax deductible.

  • We are available outside of normal office hours to enable you to achieve your deadlines.

  • Collection and delivery of work available for local clients for a small additional charge.

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